Commitment: Here. Now. Always.

Living where we live, how we live is a choice.

We choose to preserve our history of perseverance, determination, hard work.

We choose to respect our heritage of commerce and transport, of culture and gracious living, of fields of industry.

We choose to build on that foundation with professionalism, technology, mutual respect, strong leadership, and commitment to the future of this community, our home.

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Important: Please Read

Fraudulent phone calls and text messages from scammers claiming to be associated with Bank of Madison, or one of our vendors, are on the rise. Please remember that no one associated with Bank of Madison, including the Bank’s vendors, will contact you and request the following information:

  • Username and Password to Online Banking
  • Debit Card Number, PIN, or CVV (3-digit number on back of card)
  • Account Number
  • Complete Social Security Number

If you feel like a phone call is suspicious, ask for the caller’s name and notify them that you will call them back. Then contact the bank immediately at 706-342-1953.